The Whizzinator

Whizzinator is a complete synthetic urine kit with a realistic prosthetic device.

When you buy a whizzinator from ALS, you are ordering directly from the manufacturer. Your order includes secure checkout, very fast shipping, discreet packaging, and guaranteed quality.

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Questions about our products? We are the official manufacturer of the Whizzinator. Call us today at: 888-895-7016

What is included with your Whizzinator order?

  • Prosthetic with Silent Valve technology
  • Refillable vinyl pouch with a non-spill refill port
  • One Golden Shower Synthetic Urine sample
  • Four heat pads to heat fluids up to 98.6 degrees
  • One syringe
  • Instruction Manual

Your kit includes all of the required essentials for a fully-functional, discreet, synthetic urine device. Available in five realistic flesh tone colors with the following items:

A complete whizzinator kit with prosthetic, heat pads, syringe, instructions, and belt.
The Whizzinator Touch in White for Synthetic Urine
White Prosthetic

Whizzinator in White

A pale, white flesh-tone prosthetic with everything you need to get started with your whizzinator!

On Sale! Ready-to-ship today!

  • Trademarked & Official Product
  • Ready-to-use within 15 minutes
  • Looks realistic extremely up-close

The Whizzinator Touch in Tan for Synthetic Urine
Tan Prosthetic

Whizzinator in Tan

A slightly darker color than our white prosthetic.

The complete Tan Kit for $129.95

  • Designed by special FX and prosthetic industry leader
  • Realistic flesh-tone that matches darker white skin
  • Quality is guaranteed on all ALS products

The Whizzinator Touch in Latino for Synthetic Urine
Tan prosthetic

Whizzinator in Latino

Si Habla Espanol! Call today to place your order for Latino color or click the link below.

  • A true latino color that looks like the real thing
  • Refillable pouch with inexpensive refill options
  • Our customer service team speaks Spanish

The Whizzinator Touch in Brown for Synthetic Urine
Brown prosthetic

Whizzinator in Brown

A natural brown prosthetic that moves like a real penis.

  • Rich brown color that is lighter than black.
  • Heat-pads and cleaning kits available
  • Dehydrated Synthetic Urine for long-term storage

The Whizzinator Touch in Black for Synthetic Urine
Black Prosthetic

Whizzinator in Black

The complete synthetic urine kit with a black prosthetic.

  • Black prosthetic with high-level artistic detail
  • Silent-valve technology where you control the flow
  • Overnight & Ground Shipping Options Available.

How is your Whizzinator shipped to you?

Every order is shipped directly from our warehouse in Nevada. All orders are processed the same day, Monday-Friday before 4pm PST.

  • Discreet Packaging
  • Shipping label with no mention of product
  • FedEx or Unbranded packaging
  • Overnight Shipping Options
  • Secure Checkout
  • Customer Support
Whizzinator Overnight Shipping
Get discreet packaging with every order.

The box featured in the product photo is included with the shipment. However, your order is shipped in either an unmarked box or a FedEX branded box. The shipping label shows the shipper as “ALS”. That is us, Alternative Lifestyle Systems. We’ve been in the business for over sixteen years and we make the highest quality alternative adult toys.

Want to know how to use your Whizzinator?

Every kit includes written instructions on how to use your synthetic urine kit. You may also watch the video instructions here:

We are the official Whizzinator company.

When you buy your synthetic urine kit, you are buying direct from the manufacturer.

  • Chemists create our Synthetic Urine
  • Each device is tested for performance
  • Prosthetics are hand-painted onsite
  • Synthetic Urine is inspected for quality
  • Daily shipping pick-ups
  • Knowledgeable staff for product questions
ALS products are made in the USA

We are the trademark holders of our products and we stand by the quality of our products. Our products are made in our warehouse, located in the USA. Our prosthetics are the most realistic on the market. The proof is in the details of the prosthetic, the realistic flesh tone colors, and the way the prosthetic moves like a real penis. Do not make the mistake of purchasing knock-offs. These knock-offs do not work and they will not refund your money. Trust us. We hear about this issue every day.

Questions about an existing order or would like to place your order over the phone?

Call us Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm PST

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