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The Whizzinator.

A trusted synthetic urine device

Welcome to the Whizzinator Synthetic Urine Online Store. Here you will find The Whizzinator Touch is available in all flesh-like colors including white, tan, latino, brown and black.

All products are shipped with instructions, heat pads, syringes, and synthetic urine. We include everything you need for an enjoyable Whizzinator and synthetic urine experience.

We are the real manufacturer of the Whizzinator.

Yes, that is right! When you buy from TheWhizzinator.com, you are buying direct from the manufacturer.  We believe in making the highest quality synthetic urine with the most realistic prosthetics (fake dicks) and synthetic urine (fake pee) available.

We’ve been in this business for over 16 years. When you hear about The Whizziantor, we are who they are talking about. Believe it or not, The Whizzinator, is one of the most copied products out on the market today. You must be careful when buying synthetic urine kits online because there are a lot of inferior products. We do our best to send cease and desist to those posing as Whizzinator manufacturers, but unfortunately, the legal process can be slow.

How to know you are buying a real whizzinator?

When buying a synthetic urine system online make sure that you look for the following:

  1. Make sure the browser has a lock icon where the URL is located. This icon is your browser telling you that the site is safe and secure to enter payment data.
  2. Look at the quality of the photos. Often times, the sites selling fake Whizzinator products provide low quality photos to hide how poor the details are on the product. A real Whizzinator will have high-quality photos where you can see the artistry of the product up-close.
  3. If the site looks out-of-date, or loads slowly, something is not right. You can tell a lot by the feel of the site. Ask yourself, does it look like it’s been updated, or does it look like an older site? If it does look out-of-date, chances are that it is a scam site.
  4. Do they only use PayPal? Only using PayPal at checkout is a trend for fraudulent sites. This is because they can transfer their money to the bank account and delete the PayPal account quickly.  TheWhizzinator.com uses high-level encryption with a real credit card processor that demands that our site is compliant to their standards. We have to fulfill our orders and sell what we market, otherwise, we would not be able to use a real credit card processor.
  5. You’re not on TheWhizzinator.com. This is the easiest way to know you are not getting a real Whizzinator. Check the URL and make sure you see TheWhizzinator.com. Still feeling iffy about placing an order? No problem! Call us! That’s right, we’re real people that you can get a hold of. Call us at (888) 895-7016 to place an order or to ask us questions about our product.

How does a Whizzinator Ship?

We take your privacy and security seriously and ship your products in discreet packaging with overnight shipping options available. When you place an order online, we ship our products same day (except weekends). FedEx handles the overnight orders so please be aware that if you place an order on the weekend, we get the product to them on Monday. That means that the order does not get to you until Tuesday. Unfortunately, there’s no way to get it there earlier and is just the nature of the shipping business. However, when you select overnight, your whizzinator will come in a FedEx branded box. That’s it. There is no marketing materials or any labeling outside of our company name, ALS.

I already have a Whizzinator, I just need some refills!

No problem at all. If you have purchased a whizzinator before, you already know that it is refillable. Unlike most of the fake penises, ours is refillable. All you need now is a few refills to get back to action. You can find your Whizzinator refills here.

Feel free to order refills as you need through our site as you continue to use our products.

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