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The Golden Shower Synthetic Urine is the companion urine mix for The Whizzinator device. Made and tested for quality and safety by the same manufacturer as the prosthetic, the Golden Shower is a premixed, dehydrated capsule that rapidly dissolves into a liquid synthetic urine solution. 

Be sure to follow all instructions prior to use, and follow all state, local, and federal laws when using this product. 

The Golden Flask is a ready-to-go, pre-mixed liquid form of The Golden Shower Synthetic Urine with a few extras added in to the product. 

First, the Golden Flask comes in a thin, small bottle, complete with heat strip and small pouring spout in the sealable cap. Added pressure controls the velocity of the synthetic urine that is discharged from the bottle. 

We include one heat pad to this premixed synthetic urine kit to warm up the urine to your desired temperature, as indicated by the heat strip.